Dear Gayathri,
Thank you for being a part of the Responsible Gambling Council’s (RGC) first ever virtual conference and delivering an excellent presentation. Discovery 2021 was centered on the principles of reinvention and recommitment. The themes of hope, humanity and courage that were woven into your keynote address were incredibly meaningful. Your use of stories and real-world examples were not only timely but extremely relevant for the gambling industry as well as the communities that we live in.
Not only was your presentation the perfect way to kick-off our conference, you made it possible for us to reconnect with each other both professionally and personally. You challenged all of us to rethink and reframe, which was a wonderful way to set the tone for the entire event. I have no doubt that our delegates found great value in your inclusive leadership presentation and the practical tips for integrating diversity, equity and inclusion to become more effective leaders.
We would be thrilled to work with you again in the future.

Shelley White, CEO, Responsible Gambling Council

Gayathri has a very special way of connecting with people through her podcast. An inspiring show and an informative passion project, Hearth2Heart creates a safe space for people to discuss and reflect on some very challenging topics in an uplifting way. As a speaker, an interviewer, and a creator, Gayathri is able to give people hope, healing, and warmth through meditations on the important things in life. Thanks for creating such excellent content for CJSW.

Lily Dupuis, CJSW

I would highly recommend Gayathri Shukla as a public speaker. Gayathri presented at Scovan Engineering's International Women's Day Forum 2021. Gayathri presents with an unrelenting authenticity that grips audience members. Her passion for personal storytelling through, Campfire Kinship, translates with ease in her own storytelling on stage. Speaking from the heart, she uses cadence, pause, and personal examples to hook the audience and has them hanging on her every word. Her speech has had a major impact on those who had the privilege to hear it. Gayathri has a gift that should be shared with others. I sincerely recommend Gayathri for future speaking engagements where she will make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Valerie Stewart, VP Scovan Engineering

In working together— sharing, being vulnerable — I gained a deeper appreciation of myself, my strengths, my life experiences, and the effort I make to learn and grow. Our coaching sessions allowed me to appreciate the person that I am now while reinforcing that I'm well on my way down the path of self-discovery, no matter where it takes me. It's up to me to lay the bricks and forge my path—the little actions all add up.
Gayathri's biggest strength as a coach, and as a friend, is how much she cares, and how that care can lift people up. I always felt seen, and heard, and cared for during our time together, and that is such a gift. Gayathri's encouragement and excitement gave me confidence and hope. So often in our paths people are there to tear us down, and sometimes we need help lifting ourselves up, owning our stories, and our place in the world — I so enjoyed experiencing that in our sessions.


Gayathri is the most compassionate leader I have ever had. She let me shine in meetings and through my work. She always supported me when I needed it and I was never afraid to approach her if I had an issue. She was also very transparent and never hid anything. She put in the effort to make sure I heard things from her and not from others. She made me feel like an asset to the team and like, me and my work mattered.
She also helped me get into my dream job and a promotion! She listened to my wishes and put in the effort to make it happen. We need more leaders like her. I will never forget our time together. She restored hope in me after many years of being micromanaged.

Jamie Mok

When Gayathri mentioned a story crafting program she had created, I was intrigued right away. I was at a point in my career where I was feeling directionless, having recently finished a PhD and waiting for my next job opportunity in the middle of a pandemic. I entered this program without realizing that this journey would leave me with all the answers I so desperately needed. 
The exercises are very well thought out with tidbits of information to reflect upon. With the first exercise, Gayathri helped me recall a memory I had long forgotten - my love for understanding plants, a field I am now a specialist in. The exercises then took me through my journey of exploring how I came to choose what I eventually ended up studying. To write about overcoming my toughest obstacles was very empowering. Thinking about circumstances I had already faced and overcome during my PhD, gave me the much-needed self-assurance about my resilience to beat down whatever tough situations come my way. Finally, to put all my goals and desires into pictures and words gave me a sense of direction and the path forward I so badly needed!
Gayathri did a fantastic job of helping me kindle my spark towards achieving my ambitions. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to remember the essence of the moments that shaped them, and ultimately, understand themselves better.

Jaishree Subrahmaniam

I have to admit, at first, I was unsure as to what it would really do for me. However, I decided to take the leap as I felt the gravitational pull to do something that did not come naturally to me. From the first exercise, it was evidently clear how incredibly valuable the program was for me.  As someone who does not necessarily take a lot of time to self reflect, the thought provoking questions and exercises sprinkled throughout the program challenged me to dig deep. I was able to not only dig into the history of my life to understand what made me the person I am today but also finally be able to articulate a road map for my future self. The course was the key to unlock the true story of my life - A story I never understood, until now! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking clarity about their journey and vision!

Ram Srinivasan

The guided auto-biography session and journal are amazing. The way it was organized and the questions asked were perfect for reflection. Gayathri has a gift with words. She is able to create a safe space for people to feel accepted, inspired, and confident. Through stories, Gayathri is able to share the individualism we all have, and empowers us to celebrate it!

Trevor and Laura Doram Cepeda

Reflection is so crucial for a healthy mindset but we don't make enough time to do it. Through Gayathri's workshop, I was able to do some much needed internal work. I would highly recommend this process.

Kristina Collins

I would like to thank Gayathri for her wonderful initiative, which made me to realize and reflect some of my treasured moments from 2020. The freedom to expose one’s thoughts and feedback in a group, reflected each other’s individuality and made the session more livelier. The journal was highly organized and helped me to craft my speaking points. I would highly recommend this initiative. 

Gayathri Kalyanaraman

I participated in the Treasures that Matter workshop with some of my peers from the Calgary Women In Energy.  Gayathri was a great leader and mentor of the group and really made us all feel comfortable sharing our stories.  The course material was very clearly laid out which made it easy for me to lay out my thoughts and organize my personal story.  I found the whole process very interesting as we all had similar feelings, stories and experiences.  This workshop also allowed me to reflect on my career and the things that bring me joy and happiness.  I recommend Gayathri's courses to anyone looking to reflect on their past and see what is possible for them in the future.  

Kalia Kantakis

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the story sharing circle. 2020 was a year full of transition, change, and uncertainty.  I was looking for a way to honour and reflect on all that I still had in my life instead of focussing on what was missing. Gayathri created a beautiful and safe container for our group to reflect and share our learnings and our triumphs.  In an expertly guided session, complemented by insightful workbook, I was able to reflect and find clarity in my own world while also finding connection in a group of strangers. I highly recommend Gayathri and her approach to building community through story telling.  

Erin Thorp

It was amazing working with Gayathri through Campfire Kinship to raise awareness about my work at Arise and Shine in mental health in the community. She made a seemingly daunting process very easy, and supported us along the way. Through her questions and guidance, we were more able to express our story and the message of hope and understanding around mental health! Thanks a million and we hope Campfire Kinship helps many more organizations in the months and years to come!

Reynaldo Glombowski

A big thank you to Campfire Kinship for giving me a wonderful opportunity to share my founder story at Nicerr. Kudos Gayathri for starting this wonderful initiative and sharing inspirational stories that celebrate our differences while also remembering our commonalities!

Robin Daultani

Gayathri is an incredible community builder who has a gift of story telling. Her genuine appreciation for people is reflected in her eagerness to learn from others, while simultaneously promote belonging and empathy.
Gayathri - It is really hard to sum up all that you offer our community! Thank you for being such an inspiration and champion of people!

Agnes Chen