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The Story Behind Local Glacial Water Company, North Water

Saawan Logan is the co-founder and CEO of North Water, a Canadian start-up that serves premium alkaline water naturally occurring from the Rocky Mountain springs in plastic-free bottles made out of 100 per cent recyclable aluminum. We caught up with Logan to learn how she began this journey.
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This article originally appeared on Avenue on March 16, 2021

What inspired Logan to build a business based on water

While many of us take water for granted, its value and sustainability have always been important to Logan. “Water was more personal for me,” Logan says. “I was born in Fiji and am a fourth generation Fijian. Coming from Fiji, the ocean is a huge aspect of people’s livelihoods. To have single-use plastic bottles killing that marine life is a huge issue for anyone that lives on tiny islands. My parents still live in Fiji and they depend on the ocean for food as well.”

With a passion for curbing ocean pollution, Logan started to look at ways she could make an impact by tackling one of the biggest culprits: plastic bottles.


The journey to start North Water

In April 2018, Logan started thinking about launching a bottle company, and from the beginning, she knew it had to be plastic free. “If there is one thing Canada is known for, it is this pristine water that we have. So, it was this idea of putting that into something that was not going to contaminate the water. We know plastic bottles contaminate water. You don’t want to be drinking great water, only to have micro-plastics also leech into your system,” Logan says.

The idea for an aluminum-based water bottle was sparked during a trip to Japan, where Logan observed cold coffee being served in aluminum bottles. Logan was able to ideate a better alternative for a water container that was BPA and plastic free, and made out of recyclable aluminum. Fast forward to today, North Water is available in 600 store locations across Canada, including Blush Lane Organic Market in Calgary and select Safeway stores.

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