June 27, 2022 is Canadian Multiculturalism Day and Gayathri had the opportunity to be a guest at the RedFM Tamil show hosted by Vaishnavi Sadagopan. In this 1 hour segment, Gayathri shared snippets of her journey to Canada, the clients she serves through Campfire Kinship, her volunteering service which has been nominated for awards, and our book launch (mark your calendars -Landed, Transformative Stories Of Canadian Immigrant Women is coming Sept 17)!

She says, “This was a full-circle moment because the interview was in my first language Tamil…It made me reflect on the significance of multiculturalism in Canada — and how we all can take pride in our identity and ancestry while building bridges with different cultures and fostering a sense of belonging for all.

“Frankly, I have been quite heartbroken given the Roe overturn news coming out of the US on Friday, which feels like a step back for humanity. Taking part in this interview lifted my spirits up, and more importantly, it reminded me that we each must continue playing our roles, however big or small, towards creating the kind of inclusive community we all desire to be part of.”

The many stories in Landed in fact illuminate the delicate balance of living in two worlds – and we can’t wait for you to read them! Friends and family will get an early bird copy in August at a special price, so sign up for CK’s newsletter at campfirekinship.com/book to get in on that! Contact info@campfirekinship.com to book Gayathri for media interviews.