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Are you driven by a commitment to fostering inclusivity and understanding within the communities you serve? 

Are you passionate about bringing empowering storytelling experiences to equity-deserving groups? 

Or perhaps, you’re seeking a trusted delivery partner to bridge a capacity gap in your organization and accelerate your journey? 

Let’s connect! As a recipient of the Government of Canada’s IRP grant and backed by the support of Community Foundations Canada, we have embarked on a strategic partnership initiative. Read about it below and if you’d like to get involved, please fill out the application form. We’ll get back to you soon!

Why Partner?

Flip the boxes to learn what we are looking for in a partner and what we bring to the table.

You are in it long-term.

Transactional relationships do not provide a foundation to nurture trust or lasting impact. For example, you can be a customer but to become a partner, you must be willing to build a relationship beyond a single transaction.

We strive for transformative change.

Partners will have the opportunity to tap into an exceptional storytelling capacity to create profound changes in individuals, systems, and the world. We meet people where they are in their journey and include all voices.

You are willing to share both costs and benefits.

Like in nature, partnerships are symbiotic. To be considered a partner, you must be equally invested in our joint success and have skin in the game.

We are relationship-focused.

Authenticity and transparency is evident in our approach. Trust is the foundation of this work, and partners will be teaming with an organization that stands on a firm foundation.

You value collaboration over competition.

Successful partners work together, not against each other. You must be willing to prioritize collaboration to be an effective partner for us.

We get it done.

We always shows up. Whether the work involves tight deadlines or complex needs, we get the job done, delivering powerful results. Those who partner with us will be getting a collaborator they can depend on.

What We Do

The boxes below represent a high-level overview. Each project is unique and will be co-designed with you for collective impact.

Evaluation: Current state assessment through quantitative and qualitative methods that integrate stakeholders’ voices.
Education: Workshops and leadership development pathways to build a strategic competency in storytelling.
Activation: Events and storytelling campaigns to raise awareness on key EDIB topics.


Partnering with us offers a range of benefits for your organization. By collaborating with us, you gain access to our expertise in storytelling, which can transform your organization’s EDIB initiatives and communication strategies. You will also have the opportunity to participate in projects that drive tangible social change, enhancing your brand reputation and impact within your target communities. Depending on the nature of the partnership, we may also decide to include a revenue share agreement. The section above, ‘What we do,’ outlines the types of services/skillsets we provide.

We are actively seeking strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations who share our vision of a world  that celebrates its diversity and shared humanity. Our values are described in the boxes “Why Partner” above. Specifically, we are looking for partners who can benefit from our skillsets for their stakeholder base while building towards system-level change – the latter often implies that you’re trying to solve a complex problem requiring deeper collaboration. With that said, we welcome creative ideas from nonprofits, community foundations, corporate social responsibility initiatives, educational institutions, and any other entities committed to making a positive impact.

Every project is unique and will be tailored to your specific objectives. These may include community engagement initiatives, capacity-building workshops, policy advocacy projects, or other creative endeavors that leverage storytelling to address social, cultural, and environmental challenges. After our initial exploration, we may decide to first embark on a joint pilot project, followed by a formalized ongoing engagement. 

From launching impactful storytelling campaigns that raised awareness of critical social issues to conducting storytelling workshops empowering leadership teams, our collaborations have driven positive change and inspired lasting connections between diverse audiences.

For example, here is feedback provided to us from Chris Usih, Chief Superintendant of Schools at the Calgary Board of Education. 

“During our work together, Gayathri delivered training for over 500 leaders over a course of 3 months. She skillfully created spaces where participants could learn how to enter conversations of antiracism with an open heart and mind. Through a strategic deepening of capability in storytelling and empathy, I witnessed how her interactions with staff and the senior team resulted in positive system change at the Calgary Board of Education. Gayathri’s work has led us to engage in meaningful actions to improve learning and well-being for students.

“In addition, Gayathri and her team recently published a book, project: Landed, Transformative Stories of Canadian Immigrant Women. Landed ranked #1 for Canadian Western Provinces Biographies & Memoirs in Amazon’s Bestsellers list within days of publication. Supported by a Calgary Arts Development grant, Gayathri empowered almost 40 participants to share their experiences as immigrants and refugees to Canada. This project has achieved significant social equity as many participants are now pursuing their creative aspirations as their own professional and entrepreneurial endeavours, as well as continuing to write, tell their stories and be published. Gayathri continues to find new opportunities to work with community groups as a direct result of Landed, thus demonstrating a promising longevity and sustainability of her initiative.”

Gayathri has also been recognized for the impact of her work through the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal.

You can read more testimonials here.

Absolutely! We welcome partnerships with organizations of all sizes and geographic locations. Whether you are a local nonprofit or a multinational corporation, we believe that working together can amplify our collective impact and make a difference on a national or even global scale.

You can be our customer and our partner, but the distinction lies in the depth of collaboration. While a customer typically engages with us to access specific services, a partner goes beyond a transactional engagement. Partnerships with us involve a strategic alliance, where both organizations work together towards common goals, pooling resources and expertise to amplify the reach and effectiveness of our collective efforts. For example, you may have an audience you serve with a specific need, and we provide the storytelling expertise to meet your intended goals. You bring the audience and budget – we bring the skillset to deliver on co-designed outcomes. This typically turns into a mutually beneficial collaboration where we become your longer-term delivery partner, working alongside to meet your evolving needs.

Taking the first step is as easy as filling out our partnership application form above. Tell us about your organization, your mission, and your ideas for collaboration. If we are a match, we are excited to start a conversation and explore how our combined efforts can create a more inclusive world!

The Investment Readiness Program (IRP) Grant, funded by the Government of Canada and served by Community Foundations of Canada (one of the IRP’s national funding intermediaries) is designed to support social-purpose organizations (SPOs) as they contribute to solving pressing social, cultural, and environmental challenges across Canada, while preparing them to participate in the social finance ecosystem. The program is highly competitive, given that the IRP also supports SPOs as they recover from the pandemic. We are grateful to be selected as it validates our social impact thus far to build more resilient communities for the future. You can find out more about the grant and 2022/2023 results here

Not ready for partnership yet but need something more specific? Here are ways we can help: 


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This project is part of the Investment Readiness Program, funded by Government of Canada’s Social Innovation / Social Finance Strategy.