Gayathri Shukla

An engineer turned storyteller, Campfire Kinship celebrates tales of purpose and belonging


Gayathri Shukla is a Calgarian who lives a very creative life!

“I am a proud Calgarian. I moved to this beautiful city when I was 15 years old and prior to that I lived in two countries—first India where I was born, and then Saudi where my dad had worked as an engineer,” she explains. “I love Calgary… And what I would say I love about Calgary, and Alberta even, is all of the values we share in common.”

Following in her father’s footsteps, not only does she have an electrical engineering degree, she also holds an executive MBA, and is a digital innovation leader at Suncor. On top of that, she is a volunteer on the board of directors at the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, a certified guided autobiography instructor, and is the founder of Campfire Kinship—a hearth of stories that may not make headlines, yet resonate with our own experiences.

Tune into this week’s podcast to hear about the importance of storytelling, how she used it to breakdown barriers as an engineer, and how story crafting allows her to be her authentic self.

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