Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association held a ceremony on Jan 25, 2023, where Gayathri was recognized with the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Platinum medal. This award honours those who have dedicated their community leadership, public service and volunteerism to the betterment of their community, province, and country.

Gayathri writes about receiving this prestigious award on LinkedIn:

“I am deeply grateful to my colleagues, community partners and clients for your recognition and continued support of my work.

“Getting a venture off the ground, as I have learned, is a test of will and tenacity. My friends and family have been my source of strength, especially my partner Krunal who has stood by me and often taken on more than the lion’s share of home duties while I juggled multiple engagements. As I congratulate my fellow recipients, I also want to acknowledge by this message all the partners/family members/friends of recipients for what you do behind the scenes to make this possible – your efforts don’t go unnoticed.”

We express our congrats to all recipients including Landed co-authors Elena Esina and Dr. Anusha Kassan who were recognized with this award!