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Professionals Development – Group Mentoring Story Circles

You no longer need to feel like an aimless wanderer in your career. You no longer need to deal with the guesswork of self-reflection. You no longer need to stumble at your next job interview when asked for a story about a challenge you’ve overcome. 

Why? Because you’ve experienced the transformation of going from auto-pilot to architecting your path. You’re able to effortlessly show up in your truth. How? By embarking on a story-crafting journey to develop insight into your professional journey. In this mastermind, you’ll have a rare opportunity to mentor and learn from a supportive cohort to distill your stories, and set meaningful goals for a range of professional purposes

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“I’ve never experienced a ‘safe space’ workshop before and didn’t realize how nourishing and refreshing it could be.”


This workshop is hosted in the format of guided auto-biography and led by Gayathri Shukla, a certified instructor. This session can be spread out over a 5 week period where participants meet weekly online or in-person for 60-90 min. Cohort sizes are variable and stay together for all sessions. 

We are now taking requests to set up a circle for your team or employee resource group. 

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When day-to-day demands consume your time, it is but natural to be on auto-pilot, without ever stopping to introspect on what’s truly important for you in your career. And if you are surrounded by people who are not exactly forthcoming with feedback (appreciative or constructive), the lack of validation can further wither away your self-confidence and optimism for the future. 

However, when you do pause to deeply reflect on your journey, you remember who you are, and where you came from. You can extract the lessons of the resilience you’ve built from the mileage you’ve put on, and the peaks and valleys you’ve traversed.  

With this renewed perspective, you now re-imagine who you wish to be. Equipped with a deep knowing of your unique gifts, corroborated with feedback from your peers, you can set forth on your purpose with conviction. 

This mastermind experience is the checkpoint in your career journey that you are missing. It is a sacred pause carved out with a supportive set of peers who deeply each other’s lived experiences. You’ll have a structured approach to distill the wisdom you’ve gained, and cast a vision for the future. You’ll be uplifted by the steady accountability from your cohort to propel you forward.

This is for anyone who is looking to create a supportive mentoring circle for their team or organization.

This is also for individuals who wish to take stock of their professional journey at any phase of their career and especially during transitions.

Yes! This is the process Gayathri utilized herself to transform her career from corporate to entrepreneurship, which she covers in the online course. This is also the process that Gayathri used to lead 37 immigrant women through the process of writing about their journeys for the bestselling book Landed.
  • 5 weeks of LIVE interactive classes
  • All guides and prompts
  • Planning sessions with your instructor for design and delivery
  • A members-only community for feedback and support

Learning Outcomes

Campfire Kinship Logo that says "Campfire Kinship" with fire on top and "storyrelling hearth 2 heart" tagline underneath.