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Elevate Your Impact with our Train The Trainer program

Designed specifically for changemakers and champions who are dedicated to EDIB, this program adds the powerful tool of storytelling to your toolkit.

Why Enroll in Our Program?

  • Expert-Led Training: Learn from seasoned experts in EDI who bring real-world experience and proven strategies to each session.
  • Scalable Impact: Acquire the skills to not only implement effective EDI strategies but also to educate and inspire others within your organization or community.
  • Resource Toolkit: Gain access to an extensive toolkit of resources, activities, and cutting-edge practices that you can use to train future leaders.


Who Should Join?

  • EDI Professionals: Enhance your ability to conduct impactful workshops and sessions on diversity and inclusion.
  • HR Specialists: Expand your repertoire with certifications and skills that help foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Organizational Leaders: Learn how to effectively mentor your teams in EDI principles and practices.


Join a network of forward-thinking professionals committed to driving systemic change. Our program is your pathway to becoming an influential trainer who inspires change and promotes an environment where everyone truly belongs.

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Assessment Process

Module 1

Research Plan

4 Hours

Learn how to incorporate methods of quantitative and qualitative data-gathering to measure internal organizational readiness for EDI.
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Module 2

Listening Lab Design

4 Hours

Learn how to design listening labs that facilitate a reflective dialog with team members, and capture their lived experiences.
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Module 3

Maturity Assessment

6 Hours

Learn how to incorporate EDI best practices in the talent lifecycle process (recruitment, retention, advancement).

Module 4

Framework Planning

8 Hours

Learn how to design an EDI action plan and framework to communicate and implement your desired vision.

Learning Outcomes

Campfire Kinship Logo that says "Campfire Kinship" with fire on top and "storyrelling hearth 2 heart" tagline underneath.