Having overcome many personal barriers, Gayathri has an inspiring message to share with audiences on leading through change with purpose and belonging. A skilled speaker and facilitator, she masterfully infuses personal stories with practical takeaways – an approach she has honed as a guided autobiography instructor. 

Gayathri’s Keynote topics are listed below which will be customized to your event objectives. Alternatively, if you’re looking for workshop facilitation, see here.

In the spirit of equity, we believe it’s important to compensate individuals for their time and expertise, rather than expecting them to work for free or for exposure. We kindly request that you consider this in your budget prior to reaching out for a speaking request.

Leveraging the power of stories, this keynote is an inspiring message on building a culture of belonging through inclusive leadership.

Successful leaders understand that in today’s increasingly diverse workplaces, a culture of trust is necessary for companies to thrive. The need to be seen, heard and valued is universal. Learning how to communicate authentically, understand, and listen to employees is thus a critical leadership capability. Ultimately, it shapes a sense of belonging in which all levels of the org chart are empowered to make meaningful contributions.

Target audience

Anybody who is part of a diverse team, with or without a formal leadership title.

Key Takeaways

✔ Build awareness on the role of empathy in creating trust and belonging.

✔ Learn how to authentically engage with people of different backgrounds, through the medium of stories.

✔ Gain tangible tips for self-reflection to strengthen personal leadership styles.

In a world of constant distractions, cutting through the noise to deliver a relevant and persuasive message can be a challenge for many. Individuals can often get stuck in the self-doubt of “I don’t have anything worthy to say,” or “I don’t want to rock the boat.” In this keynote, Gayathri’s demonstrates storytelling in action by drawing from her own stories, while offering tangible tips to help you distill your authentic stories. She offers a unique perspective on how you can harness the timeless art of storytelling to connect hearts and minds, and bolster your communication skills.

Target audience

Anyone looking to share a message with impact, authenticity, and creativity.

Key Takeaways

✔ Learn how to leverage storytelling to deliver memorable messages that balance logic and emotion.

✔ Discuss the role authenticity plays in increasing trust.

✔ Gain practical takeaways, rooted in your own life experiences, to help you distill and share the wisdom you’ve gained from life experiences, while remaining humble enough to learn from others.

This keynote supports an organization’s EDI transformation goals by inspiring teams to build the resilience required to sustain change.

It is no secret that change is difficult, yet employees at every level are having to build up their capacity for change. In this keynote, Gayathri shares examples of common pitfalls that impede the adoption of EDI approaches for employees. She will share tangible methods employees can implement immediately from the “inside-out” – a learning mindset, and practices rooted in empathy to build their resilience. Based in the proven application of human-centered design, this keynote enables employees to reflect on how they can connect the dots between their core values and that of their organization.

Target audience

Anybody who is on a journey of personal or organizational change in their EDI goals

Key Takeaways

✔  Build awareness on the role of learning mindset to build capacity for transformation.

✔  Share examples of the ways in which empathy unlocks innovation and inclusion.

✔  Learn tangible ways to build the skills necessary to create meaningful and lasting change.

Nicole SchultzRisk & Assurance Change Leader, ATB
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"Campfire Kinship and Gayathri's humble call to action at a speaking event last year led to my own recognition of ways I could use my story to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging conversations. Her generous encouragement along the way has created space for me to do this work as a personal time investment. Learning from her work and the work of other DEIB experts, I see better ways for how I can aid those most impacted by a system that lacks belonging and also check and change my own behaviours. Gayathri - congrats on bravely using Campfire Kindship to leave the world a little better than you found it through profound storytelling."
Shelley White, CEO, Responsible Gambling Council
Shelley White, CEO, Responsible Gambling Council
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"Thank you for being a part of the Responsible Gambling Council’s first ever virtual conference and delivering an excellent presentation. The themes of hope, humanity and courage that were woven into your keynote address were incredibly meaningful. Your use of stories and real-world examples were not only timely but extremely relevant for the gambling industry as well as the communities that we live in. Not only was your presentation the perfect way to kick-off our conference, you made it possible for us to reconnect with each other both professionally and personally. You challenged all of us to rethink and reframe, which was a wonderful way to set the tone for the entire event. I have no doubt that our delegates found great value in your inclusive leadership presentation and the practical tips for integrating diversity, equity and inclusion to become more effective leaders. "
Valerie StewartVP Strategy & Development, Scovan Engineering
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"I would highly recommend Gayathri Shukla as a public speaker. Gayathri presented at Scovan Engineering's International Women's Day Forum 2021. Gayathri presents with an unrelenting authenticity that grips audience members. Her passion for personal storytelling through, Campfire Kinship, translates with ease in her own storytelling on stage. Speaking from the heart, she uses cadence, pause, and personal examples to hook the audience and has them hanging on her every word. Her speech has had a major impact on those who had the privilege to hear it. Gayathri has a gift that should be shared with others. I sincerely recommend Gayathri for future speaking engagements where she will make a meaningful difference in the lives of others."
Leanne Gawley
Leanne GawleyCanada Finance Leader
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"Over the past year I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Gayathri through our mutual passion for equity, diversity and inclusion, and her book Landed. I have attended external speaking engagements as well as witnessed her passion for storytelling through a workshop with our Canadian staff. She is an expert in her field, an engaging speaker and has been a highlight for our team. Thank you, Gayathri, for your courage, passion and authenticity! I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future. "



Over the COVID lockdown, Gayathri hosted Fireside Chats – an Instagram live interview series with changemakers in the community.  We now continue the storytelling over our podcast Hearth 2 Heart. Tune in for nuggets of wisdom that will inspire you to lead a life of purpose and belonging!

Learning from Life’s CurveballsColby Sharma, October 22, 2021
– LGBTQ Youth and Allyship – Pediatrician Dr. Lulu – June 24, 2021
 Allies and Angels – Rebecca Finley-Schidlowski – Mar 12, 2021
– Building Resilience through Diversity – Andrea Torraville – Feb 26, 2021
– Inclusion 101 – Meghana Valupadas – October 17, 2020
– Diversity of skill and thought on Boards – Gayathri with DirectHER’s Laura McIntyre – July 10, 2020  

Intersection of Art, Engineering and Social Impact – Jyotsna Vaidee – September 18, 2021

– Embracing the career change from HR to Data – Marissa McNeelands, Calgary Young Women in Business Director – July 9, 2021

– Turning Rejection into Fuel for Success – Jasmine Mian, Olympian and Wrestling Champion – May 19, 2021

– Leadership and STEM in Youth – Raman Sawhney, Apar Initiative Founder – May 14, 2021

– Jumpstarting the STEM Journey – Chrissa Victoria Foscolos, SystemSTEM Co-Founder – January 29, 2021

– Placing the Human in Human ResourcesSimran Bhatt – January 15, 2021

– Rediscovering your true nature – Jaishree Subrahmaniam – September 12, 2020

– Creativity and Career Re-Invention – Harpreet Dayal – Love Notes Founder, August 15, 2020 


Transitioning from engineering to entrepreneurship – Gaurav Gupta, Leela Eco Spa’s – June 30, 2020
Mental health During COVID – Reynaldo Glombowski & Alison McKenny, Arise and Shine  – August 22, 2020 
On building a purpose-driven social-impact business, Robin Daultani, Nicerr Founder, September 20, 2020
On Personal Transformation, Marlo Brausse, Barre Body Studio Founder – October 3, 2020 
On Building Resilience and Empathy, Agnes Chen, Starlings Community Founder – November 14, 2020
Mind-body connection in building resilience, Janis Isaman, My Body Couture Founder – December 12, 2020
From Mindset to Heartset, Trevor and Laura Doram-Cepeda, Arthur Oliver Consulting Founders, December 18, 2020
–  Cultivating Community – Evelyne Nyario, Ellie Bianca Founder – Mar 25, 2021