"Everybody has a story. And there's something to be learned from every experience."

- Oprah Winfrey

Welcome! If you’re wondering how the medium of storytelling can be transformative for your EDI goals, let’s talk! 

We believe that your lived experiences – and that of your stakeholders – hold a treasure of insights. Listening deeply to these stories helps teams build much-needed empathy skills, tap into true needs, and uncover innovative ideas. By merging insights + data, it is possible to make more informed decisions that spark a greater sense of belonging and trust. We utilize a 4-step process shown below rooted in the principles of human-centered design and guided autobiography.

How it Works

Our 4-Stage Process for Strategic Storytelling

1 –  Discovery 

We work with you to plan a customized engagement based on your goals.

2 – Story Collection

We begin a process that unearths insights from your stakeholders through focus groups, surveys, and 1-1 interviews. 

3 – Story Immersion

We facilitate safe and brave spaces through our workshops and leadership development pathway.

4 – Synthesis

We evaluate trends and patterns from your participants’ feedback to help you sustain ongoing improvements.

Throughout our engagement, we will utilize:

  • Creative exercises to uncover strengths & build alignment on shared values
  • Iterative strategic planning based on insights collected
  • Curation of story media highlighting your impact
  • Open office hours for 1-1 advisory
  • End-to-end project management
So, where do you go from here? Book a complimentary call to discuss your needs.