Campfire Kinship

- a place where the symbolic act of sharing stories creates purpose and belonging

What issues are we addressing? Why does what we do matter?

As you may have guessed, this is not a camping site (although we do enjoy camping)! Established in 2020, we believe in the power of stories to tackle equity, diversity, inclusion & belonging (EDIB) issues at the individual, interpersonal & institutional levels.

If you’ve asked a question similar to any of the ones below, you’ve come to the right place:

– “The EDIB topics are overwhelming – where do I start?”

-“We’ve taken some training, and we have a strategy, but I am not sure we are seeing impact?”

-“How do I really understand the systemic barriers of whom I am trying to serve?”

-“As a leader, how do I motivate my team (or even myself, if I am being honest) to embrace change?”

-“How do I move past what feels like compliance activities and implement a truly inclusive culture?”

-“How do I tell my own story and the story of my vision with more impact?”

These are pressing challenges faced by most well-intentioned leaders. Many mainstream EDIB programs today fail due to a fracture of trust. We don’t trust ourselves (“what if I say the wrong thing?”), or we don’t trust our managers, and we don’t trust the greater initiatives our organizations have made in the past, as we haven’t seen them yield adequate results. But there IS a way to move beyond traditional approaches and transform your EDIB results: by centering human connection. 


The pace of change is unprecedented. Since the pandemic began, studies have found a dramatic decline in wellbeing and job security.

Belonging begins with self-acceptance

We work with you to help you appreciate your unique strengths, reimagine your potential and implement change.


Pre-pandemic, almost 50% of Canadians reported frequent feelings of isolation. This has now exacerbated and more likely to affect minorities.

Belonging expands to includes others

Human connection is key to building trust. We'll equip you with skills in empathy to create inclusive cultures where you live, work, and play.


Business today is expected to pursue profit AND purpose, while navigating complex, global issues, such as UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Belonging results in a shared purpose

Through stories, we create ripples that bridge us from 'me to we'. We help teams leverage the benefits of diversity to innovate for wicked problems, and become impact-driven.

Our Vision

A world that celebrates our diversity and shared humanity.

Our Mission

To unlock the power of empathy, one story at a time.

Our Values

Curiosity | Creativity | Courage 

Our Team

Gayathri Shukla, Founder
Gayathri is an engineer, author, speaker, and certified instructor in guided autobiography. She believes in the power of empathy to celebrate diversity and foster a culture of belonging.
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Shannon Hutchison, Photography & Workshop Facilitator
Shannon is an educator who has taught in 3 countries. She is a member of 2SLGBTQI+ community. She runs photography and belonging campaigns through Beyond Our Image to create a community where every person matters.
Learn about Shannon's work
Anshu Stephen, Trauma-Informed Coach & Collaborator
Anshu Stephen is a Certified Trauma-informed Coach providing strength-based and solution-focused coaching. She believes that once we recognize, unface, and embrace our trauma and impact, we can contribute towards collective thriving.
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Workshops, speaking, and leadership development
Curated storytelling to highlight your impact

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